Our Terms and conditions

01) Addresses and points o contact
via Porta Sabbiona 3
I-39042 Bressanone (BZ)
Partita IVA: 02854650211



02) Bank coordinates
Südtiroler Sparkasse AG - Cassa di Risparmio di Bolzano S.p.A.

IBAN: IT64 P060 4558 2210 0000 5001 096

03) Sales contract terms
Buying online through implies a contract between the customer and:
via Porta Sabbiona 3
I-39042 Bressanone (BZ)
Partita IVA: 02854650211
Products shown on the website do not imply a legally binding offer, but are just an online catalogue. Clicking on the button “invia ordine” (send order) completes the sales contract for all products contained in the shopping cart. The confirmation of the order happens at the same time with the acceptance of the order immediately after sending it. The order confirmation will be shown on the website and a confirmation will be sent to the e-mail address listed by the purchaser. The sales contract is finalized with this confirmation although BJ-STORS GMBH reserves itself the right to withdraw from the contract in exceptional cases (.i.e. unavailability of product). In this case will the purchaser be immediately contacted.

04) Terms and points of contact for complaints (customer service)
Tel.: +39 0472 278433 (Service-Hotline)

Professionalism and proven experience in the branch notwithstanding may the possibility of a faulted article arise. In this case can eventual complaints be directed to the above mentioned points of contact. In case of returning merchandise we invite the client to use the proper merchandise returning form describing the encountered imperfection (maybe highlighting it with a small adhesive on the product) and enclosing it to the wrapping to-be-returned.

05) Product guarantee
The act of acquiring a product is covered by the legal guarantee according to articles 1519 bis and 1519 nonies of the Italian Civil Code, therefore, in case of products with faults covered by the guarantee, will BJ-STORS GMBH manage the contact with the producer and/or supplier aiming at the most favourable solution.

06) Merchandise accompanying document
Every sale by mail will be followed by an accompanying document as stated in art..1 of the D.M. 21.12.1992 n.15. We invite the customer to keep the accompanying document in any case as important proof of purchase and fundamental in case of opposition in cases of complaints.

07) Competent court
The Italian law states that the jurisdiction in cases of controversy in e-commerce contracts lays at the Civil Judge of the residency or domicile of the purchaser, if located in the Italian territory, as stated in the consumers-protecting laws.

08) Disclaimer
Links present in the website are absolutely not to influence the structure of the connection, which might not be shared by BJ-STORS GMBH Information and product description do not pretend to be complete, hence rely in any case on consulting the characteristics supplied by the producing company (user’s guide). In this sense is BJ-STORS GMBH exempted from any responsibility deriving from a non-specialized use of the products or an inadequate knowledge of the article. 
Colours and textiles: we cannot guarantee a true correspondence of the colours and for textiles seen in our website, because the perception of colours may be subject to variations depending from some settings of your PC. In this sense it is important to specify that BJ-STORS GMBH is an authorized retail-shop of all products available online and that therefore the merchandise presents characteristics and qualities supplied by the mother-company.

09) Copyright/Right of the author
The entire content of the website is propriety of the BJ-STORS GMBH company, hence protected. No part of these contents can be reproduced without a written authorization of the entitled subject or reproduced, elaborated or distributed with electronic systems. All rights reserved. 
Warning: the theft of protected content is penally punishable!

10) Languages
The Italian, German or English language can be used for contracts in our website.

11) Privacy – data protection - security
All personal data are treated in absolute respect of current Italian National laws.
See Details here: Privacy